Consulting services

Axicorda offers non-advisory consulting services based on our proprietary Aulexo platform. Designed to provide streamlined and structured quantitative analysis of funds, our consulting services provide essential quantitative due diligence ("QDD") insight for investors and managers alike.


Our tiered consulting services


A number of reviews are available, each designed to provide a distinct quantitative perspective of different aspects and properties of a fund. Available review levels include:

Ideally suited for early stage investors undertaking initial screening, selection and comparison of funds or investors who wish to add detailed quantitative analysis to their existing due diligence process.


While our various review analyses are available as a one-off report, many clients choose to benefit from on-going, regular updates and alerts. Our Monitor service is available monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Ideally suited for investors with active or expected fund allocations as they receive regular updates and alerts of various quantitative analytics.


Working closely with clients, Axicorda is able to develop a range of custom analytics, reports and alerts to address their quantitative due diligence requirements, including outsourced fund data collection and analysis.